Granola breakfast
Breakfast - All Day
v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
Fruit toast (veg)
— Fluffy, thick, vegan brioche fruit toast
Happy Eggs (v, gfo)
— Organic eggs (2) from Yamstick Farm, your way on sourdough
Vegan Brunch Beets (veg, gfo)
— Beetroot hummus, thyme roasted mushrooms, garlic & rosemary, marinated vegan feta, dukkah & snow pea tendrils on beetroot 'brioche'
Breakfast Burger (gfo)
— house rosti, free range bacon, organic fried egg, avocado, relish
Organic Vegan Sambal Tofu (veg, gfo)
— w fresh lime dressed salad of cucumber, avocado, coriander, spring onion and black sesame, served on sourdough
Soul Bowl (v)
— lime dressed avocado, cucumber, spring onion, maple pumpkin, ancient grains, coriander, chilli & corn w poached organic egg & dukkah
Bubble n Squeak (vo) CHEF’S TOP CHOICE
— rosemary and garlic roasted potato and sweet potato, spicy csabai, sauteed cabbage, bacon, organic poached eggs and sriracha hollandaise on 40hr sourdough
Boston Beans (veg, gfo)
— spicy house made Boston style beans on matcha “brioche”
Smashed Avocado (vegan, gfo)
— organic seeds, pomegranate, chilli relish on 40hr sourdough – add poached organic eggs
Tabouleh Eggs (v, gfo)
— hummus, cauliflower tabouleh with pomegranate, organic poached eggs & dukkah on sourdough
Organic Chia Oats (veg)
— organic coconut chia & oats in w/toasted macadamia, pistachio, rhubarb, passionfruit, dehydrated pineapple and orange, coconut yoghurt & compote
Vegan Feast (veg, gfo)
— beetroot hummus, thyme baked mushrooms, house made beans, rosti, herb roasted tomato, wilted spinach & organic seeds on matcha “brioche”
Bowra Big Brekkie (gfo)
— Yamstick Farm organic eggs, free range bacon, house rosti, house made beans, thyme roasted mushrooms, herb roasted tomato on sourdough
Blueberry Hotcake (v)
— trail mix, berry compote, mascarpone, maple and mandarin sherbet
Herb roasted tomatoes, thyme baked mushrooms, free range egg (1), wilted spinach, relish 3
Vegan rosti, smashed avocado, house made beans (veg), hollandaise, smoked salmon, free range bacon 4
Smoked salmon, free range bacon 5

Blueberry hotcakes

Kids (u/12) - All Day
v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
Waffle (v)
— Belgian waffle, ice cream, real maple, mandarin sherbet
Egg on toast (v, gfo)
— organic Yamstick farm egg, fried, poached or scrambled, on toast
Cheeseburger & Chips (vego, gfo)
— choice of beef, chicken or veggie patty with cheese & side of chips
Veggie Bites & Chips (veg)
— mixed veggie bites & side of chips

Fresh fig salad

v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
Ancient Grains Salad (veg)
— baby spinach, ancient grains, maple pumpkin, chargrilled capsicum, candied pecans, pickled red onion & mango vinaigrette
– add organic tofu, smoked salmon or chicken
Vietnamese Vermicelli Salad (veg, gf)
— rice noodles, snow peas, carrot, spring onion, roasted nuts, cucumber, mint, coriander and our house chilli dressing
– add vegan spring rolls
Calamari Salad (gf)
— calamari dusted in rice flour, flash fried & tossed in lemon pepper & fresh chilli, with a fresh roquette salad
Pork Belly Salad (gf)
— Milk braised pork belly in fennel and sage, snow pea tendril, radicchio, & peach salad dressed in a fresh crushed raspberry and Chinese 5 spice dressing
Vietnamese Prawn Salad (gf) - CHEF’S TOP CHOICE
— snow pea tendrils, coriander, mint, basil, cucumber, carrot, fresh chilli and coconut dressing
Falafel & Tabouleh Salad (veg, gfo)
— house made falafel, cauliflower tabouleh with pomegranate, hummus, bread

Falafel & egg

v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
Southern Fried Tofu Burger (veg)
— crispy fried tofu, relish, slaw, roast capsicum, vegan aioli & chips
Vegan Burger (veg, gfo)
— with fresh house slaw, avocado, relish, vegan aioli & chips
Southern Fried Chicken Burger
— free range chicken, slaw, roast capsicum, relish, vegan aioli & chips
Angus Burger
— lettuce, relish, free range bacon, egg, tomato, american cheese, ranch dressing & chips
Smokey Kale & Quinoa Burger (veg, gfo)
— relish, slaw, vegan chipotle aioli, bean sprouts & chips
Spicy Bean & Quinoa Burger (veg)
— relish, slaw, vegan chilli aioli, fire roasted capsicum & chips

Scrambled egg on toast

Snacks & Sides
v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
Rustic Hand Cut Chips & Vegan Aioli (veg, gf) 8
Southern Fried Cauliflower & Chilli Aioli (veg) 12
Veggie Bites & House Made Relish (veg) 9
Bao Buns w Kimchi & Crispy Tofu (veg) 9
Coconut & Banana Fritters w limed mango & chilli salad 12

Flat white coffee

Hot Drinks
All of our hot drinks are organic vegan blends, please let us know if you would like an alternative milk used.
Wild Timor Organic Coffee 4.5 / 5.5
Golden Latte - vegan turmeric blend 5
Ruby latte - vegan beetroot & ginger blend 5
Chai latte - Grounded Pleasures Sri Lankan 7 spices 5
Grounded Pleasures vegan hot chocolate 6
Tea for 1 or 2 - Yarra Valley Organic Range
— English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lemongrass/Ginger, Peppermint , hibiscus
— Funky Chai - blend of black tea, cardamon, cinnamon, clove, ginger & nutmeg
— Uncle Vic - green tea
— Aunt Rosie - rosehip & hibiscus
— Liven Up - licorice root, yerba mate, spearmint, star anise
4 / 5.5
Soy milk by Bonsoy .5
Milk Lab Milks - Almond, Coconut, Lactose Free, macadamia .5

Cold Drinks
Saxby’s - raspberry, lemonade, lime, ginger beer, cola 4
Saxby’s Sugar Free - cream soda, pineapple, mandarin 4
Noah’s Organic Juices - orange, coc/ban/rasp, app/beeet/orange, coc/hdew, app/pine/kiwi/mango, app/guava/bcurrant 5
Tea Gardens Kombucha - ginger, b/berry, coconut/lime, turmeric 4
Saxby’s Sparkling Waters - alpine herbs, pear/lychee, feijoa/apple, lime/juniper, quince/lemon 4
Smoothies - mixed berry with banana & coconut, banana & mango with chia seeds 9

Please know that we do fresh food, not fast food. We are a small team & will do our best to accommodate requests, but menu changes during busy times may not be possible.