Granola breakfast

Fully licensed

Breakfast - All Day
v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
Fruit toast (veg)
— Fluffy, thick, vegan brioche fruit toast w/compote
Happy Eggs (v, gfo)
— Organic eggs from Yamstick Farm, your way on sourdough
Vegan Brunch Beets (veg, gfo)
— Beetroot hummus, thyme roasted mushrooms, garlic & rosemary, marinated vegan feta, dukkah & snow pea tendrils on beetroot brioche
Breakfast Burger (gfo)
— House rosti, free range bacon, organic fried egg, avocado, relish
Soul Bowl (v)
— Lime dressed avocado, cucumber, spring onion, maple pumpkin, chilli, ancient grains, coriander & corn, with organic poached organic egg & dukkah
Bubble n squeak (vo, gfo) CHEF’S TOP CHOICE
— Rosemary & garlic roasted potato & sweet potato, spicy csabai, bacon, sauteed cabbage, organic poached eggs, sriracha hollandaise on 40hr sourdough
Boston Beans (veg, gfo)
— Spicy house made Boston-style beans on matcha brioche with dukkah
Smashed Avocado (veg, gfo)
— Organic seeds, pomegranate, chilli relish on 40hr sourdough – add organic poached organic eggs
Tabouleh Eggs (v, gfo)
— Hummus, cauliflower tabouleh with pomegranate, organic poached eggs & dukkah on 40hr sourdough
Pulled Pork Benny (gfo)
— Char-sui pulled pork, organic poached eggs, sriracha hollandaise, crispy onion, on English muffins
Bowra Big Brekkie (gfo)
— Yamstick organic eggs, free range bacon, house rosti, house made beans, thyme roasted mushrooms, herb roasted tomato on sourdough
Vegan Feast (veg, gfo)
— Beetroot hummus, organic seeds, thyme baked mushrooms, house made beans, rosti, herb roasted tomato, wilted spinach & organic seeds on matcha brioche
Organic Sambal Tofu (veg, gfo)
— With fresh lime dressed salad of cucumber, avocado, black sesame & spring onion, served on sourdough
Blueberry Hotcake (v)
— Trail mix, quad berry compote, mascarpone, maple & ironwood syrup, mandarin sherbet
Cinnamon Bagel
— Caramelised fruits, mascarpone, compote, maple & ironwood syrup, trail mix
New York Bagel
— Red onion/bacon/chilli jam, limed avocado, fried organic egg, rocket, basil mayo
Breakfast Sides
Herb roasted tomatoes, thyme baked mushrooms, free range egg (1), wilted spinach, relish 3
Vegan rosti, smashed avocado, house made beans (veg), hollandaise, vegan feta 4
Smoked salmon, free range bacon 5

Blueberry hotcakes

Kids (under 12 only) - All Day
v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
Waffle (v)
— Belgian waffle, ice cream, real maple, house made mandarin sherbet
Egg on toast (v, gfo)
— Organic Yamstick farm egg, fried or poached, on toast
Cheeseburger & Chips (vego, gfo)
— Choice of beef, chicken or veggie patty with cheese & side of chips
Veggie Bites & Chips (veg)
— Mixed veggie bites & side of chips

Falafel & egg

Burgers - All Day
v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
Southern Fried Chicken Burger
— Free range chicken, slaw, roast capsicum, relish, aioli, chips
Southern Fried Tofu Burger (veg)
— crispy fried organic tofu, slaw, relish, roast capsicum, vegan aioli, chips
Angus Burger
— 100% Angus beef, lettuce, relish, free range bacon, organic egg, tomato, American cheese, ranch dressing, chips
Vegan Burger (veg, gfo)
— Mixed veggie patty, house slaw, avocado, relish, chips
Smokey Kale & Quinoa Burger (veg, gfo)
— Smokey kale/quinoa patty, house slaw, chipotle aioli, roast capsicum, relish, chips
Spicy Bean & Quinoa Burger (veg)
— Spicy bean/quinoa patty, slaw, relish, spicy aioli, roast capsicum, chips
The Baoger (vego)
— Char-sui pulled pork, or crispy fried tofu, spicy slaw, pickled carrot, Chinese pickled cucumber, chips

Fresh fig salad

Salads - All Day
v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
Ancient Grains Salad (veg)
— Baby spinach, ancient grains, maple pumpkin, chargrilled capsicum, candied pecans, pickled red onion & mango vinaigrette
– add organic tofu, smoked salmon or crispy chicken
Vietnamese Vermicelli Salad (veg, gf)
— Rice noodles, snow peas, carrot, cucumber, spring onion, roasted nuts, mint, coriander and our house chilli dressing
– add vegan spring rolls (not gf)
Calamari Salad (gf)
— Calamari dusted in rice flour, flash fried & tossed in lemon pepper & fresh chilli, with a fresh roquette salad
Pork Belly Salad (gf)
— Milk braised pork belly in fennel & sage, snow pea tendril & pear salad dressed in a fresh crushed raspberry and Chinese 5-Spice dressing
Vietnamese Prawn Salad (gf) - CHEF’S TOP CHOICE
— Snow pea tendrils, coriander, mint, carrot, cucumber, basil, fresh chilli and coconut dressing
Falafel & Tabouleh Salad (veg, gfo)
— House made falafel, cauliflower tabouleh with pomegranate, hummus, bread

Scrambled egg on toast

Tapas - All day - All $12 or 3 for $30
v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
— Maple roasted pumpkin & thyme, basil mayo, lime, Maldon sea salt
Lemon Pepper Calamari (gf)
— with garlic aioli
Southern Fried Corn Cob (veg)
— with sriracha vegan aioli
Southern Fried Cauliflower (veg)
— with sriracha vegan aioli
Saganaki (gf, v)
— kefalograviera, fig jam, lime
Bao buns (veg)
— spicy kimchi, crispy tofu
Thai fish cakes (gf)
— with coriander, lime & ginger dipping sauce
Crumbled Camembert (v)
— with cranberry jam
Bread/Dip (veg, gfo)
— toasted 40hr sourdough, beetroot hummus, EVOO, rosemary salt
Pork Belly (gf)
— wombok, pickled cucumber, Chinese 5 spice & fresh raspberry drizzle
Jalapeño Peppers (v)
— avocado salsa

v=vegetarian, vo=vegetarian option, veg=vegan, vego=vegan option, gf=gluten free, gfo=gluten free option
Rustic Hand Cut Chips with vegan aioli (veg, gf) 8
Veggie Bites & House Made Relish (veg) 9

Flat white coffee

Hot Drinks
All of our hot drinks are organic vegan blends, please let us know if you would like an alternative milk used.
Wild Timor Organic Coffee
— Single origin, fair trade, grown under the ancient shade canopies of the Aileu region of Timor-Leste
4.5 / 5.5
Golden Latte
— House blended mix of organic turmeric, ginger and cinnamon
Ruby latte
— House blended mix of organic beetroot & ginger (perfect on coconut milk)
Chai latte
— Mix of 7 grounded Sri Lankan spices
Grounded Pleasures vegan hot chocolate 6
Tea for 1 or 2 - Yarra Valley Organic Range
— English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lemongrass/Ginger, Peppermint , hibiscus
— Lemongrass & ginger, Peppermint , hibiscus
— Funky Chai - blend of black tea, cardamon, cinnamon, clove, ginger & nutmeg
— Uncle Vic - green tea
— Aunt Rosie - rosehip & hibiscus
— Liven Up - licorice root, Yerba mate, spearmint, star anise
4.5 / 5.5
Soy milk by Bonsoy 0.5
Milk Lab Milks - Almond, Coconut, Lactose Free, Macadamia, Oat 0.5

Cold Drinks
Saxbys - raspberry, lemonade, lime, ginger beer, cola, sour grape 4.5
Saxbys Sugar Free - cream soda, pineapple, mandarin 4.5
Saxbys Sparkling Waters - alpine herbs, pear/lychee, feijoa/apple, lime/juniper, quince/lemon 4.5
Noah’s Organic Juices - orange, coconut/banana/raspberry, apple/beetroot/orange, coconut/honeydew, apple/pine/kiwifruit/mango, apple/guava/blackcurrant 5
Tea Gardens Kombucha - ginger, blueberry, coconut/lime, turmeric 6
Smoothies (veg) - mixed berry/coconut, banana/mango, mixed berry/acai 9
Mikshakes/Thickshakes 6/7

Please know that we do fresh food, not fast food. We are a small team & will do our best to accommodate requests, but menu changes during busy times may not be possible.